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    A. A. Chekalova's book, Constantinople. 6th Century. Nika Uprising, is the first Soviet monograph devoted to the Nika Uprising, the greatest popular movement of the early Byzantine age, which burst out in 532 in Constantinople. The Nika Uprising is shown against a broad background of social, economic and political life of the capital and the biggest city in Byzantium, Constantinople. It centres on the whole range of economic, social, political and religious causes of the uprising, the alignment of class forces in it, as well as its repercussion for the historic development of the Byzantine empire in the 6th century, i. e. the aspects of the popular movement which have up until recently failed to be studied specially. The monograph provides criticism of Western theories of class struggle in early Byzantium, specifically of A. Cameron's theory which has become very popular and regards class struggle in the early Byzantine town as a meaningless struggle of the members of the circus fan clubs. The monograph cites a vast number of most varied sources (legislative, narrative, agiographic, etc.) and reviews all the available literature on the subject.


    «все книги     «к разделу      «содержание      Глав: 18      Главы: <   13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18.

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